Cobaltous sulfate
  Cobaltous chloride
  Cobaltous oxalate
  Cobalt acetate
  Cobaltous oxide
  Cobalt nitrate
  Cobaltous carbonate
  Cobalt sulfamic acid
  Nickelous nitrate
  Nickelous carbonate
  Nickel sulfate
  Nickel sulfamic acid
  Nickel chloride
  Nickel acetate
  Nickel oxide
  Nickel oxalate
  Chrome Chloride
  Chrome Nitrate
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Shanghai Wuqin surface treatment technic Co.,Ltd. located in the Jiading district--"technological satellite town", is specialized in manufacturing and processing cobalt, nickel and inorganic salt products. Refined grade, special grade, technical grade, solid and liquid products can all be provided except reagent grade. Our products are accepted by our clients for its quality index superior to national standard.

Believing in sustainable development, we aim to make green and environment-friendly business. Through keeping making innovations, we are not only working hard on the development, but also working hard on the protection of environment. Following the standards of ISO9001,we are striving for meeting global clients' demands with the best quality and lowest price.

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